Burnie Glacier

Jan 25-Feb 1, 2019

People ask me a lot, when’s the best time to go ski touring at Burnie Glacier Chalet? The answer is easy — any time. From December until May this place delivers amazing ski touring experiences.

Of course, every season has its unique nuances. In December and January I love the light of this high latitude ski zone; the sun is filtered and muted as it struggles to shine across the horizon.  Yes, days are shorter but of course in the early season when legs have yet to harden to a day of ski touring for most people, it’s not a bad thing to have to head home by 3:30 pm!

Here’s a selection of photos from this year’s January trip. We were actually able to complete the seldom-done Polemic Pass circuit, which might have been the earliest it’s ever been done successfully. We also made it to the top of Middle Solitaire, Loft Peak and Solitaire Ski peak and skied off the back side of Tom George. So even in January there’s much to be done with the right group and the right conditions — but the same can be said about any other month of the year!

In the 2019 season Sawback ran 12 weeks of ski touring for clients across the globe. Here’s a few other trip reports and photos for your enjoyment:

  • Selkirk Lodge, January 2019. Selkirk is the best place on earth for a ski touring holiday. Even at the start of January, Selkirk Lodge had a typical deep and stable snowpack with incredible powder skiing.
  • Svalbard Ski and Sail, May 2019. This is an 11-day trip that we are offering in 2020 as well — skiing in Norway’s arctic archipelago from the safety and comfort of a luxury boat.