Get Fit for Skiing

There are many good reasons to get fit for ski season: you’ll be less prone to injury, you’ll enjoy skiing more, and you’ll just feel better!

The toughest part is just getting started. My recommendation is to keep it simple and start easy. Find a friend or a group to train with. Even better, hire a fitness trainer to guide you through the process.

Here’s a collection of resources for you to consider.

  1. Hire a Fitness Trainer. This is my top recommendation. You can try to train on your own, but unless you have a history of working with a professional coach you’re probably not doing it right, and wasting a lot of time and/or risking injury. There are many types of trainers out there. I recommend somebody with a degree in Kinesiology and experience with performance athletes or skiing. If you live in a major city this shouldn’t be a problem. If you live in the Bow Valley I recommend Chelsea Deschamps (BKin) who works with SC2 (Strength Coach Canmore) at the Bill Warren Training Centre facility in Canmore.
  2. Interval training. Do this activity the day before a strength workout and you will benefit from a natural hormonal increase that is about as good as steroids, and it makes you feel great too (though not when you’re doing it).
  3. If it doesn’t work for your lifestyle to see a fitness trainer, what about online fitness training? Chelsea Deschamps also offers customized online training services for anyone, anywhere in the world. Check out my article about Chelsea’s services and see if it’s a good fit for your goals this winter.
  4. Never been much of a runner? Try my Walk to Run program. It will get you strong quickly and pain-free. For an investment of less than 40 minutes, 3 times a week you should be on track to run 6 km in 6 weeks!
  5. If you are recovering from an injury? Well you should see a physiotherapist. Seriously. But – you don’t want to see a physio and you’re more of a DIYer? Well then, try my Rehab Leg Workouts to get your legs up to speed and ready for serious training. This is also a good place to start if you are trying to get off the couch after sitting there way too long!
  6. Are you ready for a challenge? You jog regularly and you are fit from a good summer of activity, but you want those legs ready to take a beating at the lodge trip you’ve booked with me this winter. I’ve got just the thing for you. If you start in September, my Leg Blaster program will have you ready for the bumps by Sunshine’s opening day.
  7. Recovery from your day of ski touring is just as important as working out. Here’s an article by Chelsea on Recovery from Uphill Adventures.
  8. If you’re looking for a really detailed workout program – and one that’s free of charge too – complete with videos and a training schedule, check out the Snow Ready Fitness Program from The Winter Sports Company.