Gear Lists

Use these handy equipment lists to make sure you have everything you need for your trip. They’re pretty generic, so adapt each gear checklist to your specific needs. Each of our trips has a customized list, so be sure to consult the list specific to your trip if you’ve booked one of our adventures.

Waiver, Release of Liability

Release of Liability Waiver – you need to sign one of these before starting any trip with an ACMG guide. The waiver is a mechanism by which the risk associated with mountaineering and wilderness ski trips is transferred to those in a better position to bear (or insure against) that risk. It is recommended that all guests purchase travel and/or accident insurance. Your insurance broker can advise you as to what other types of insurance you may require, such as disability, evacuation, and life insurance.

Food Planning

Having Sawback provide your food is highly recommended. For just $45/person/day you don’t have to plan, purchase, prepare or pack your food and you’re guaranteed to have good tasting, easy to prepare food in just the right quantities. Here’s a link to our backcountry ski traverse food planning worksheets to give you an idea of what we offer. Feel free to use it and adapt it to your own backcountry trip planning.

Miscellaneous Resources

Mountain Conditions Resources

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What is an IFMGA Mountain Guide?

From the IFMGA’s website (see the IFMGA’s website for more information):