Winter of 2019 was again an incredible season with trips ranging from mid-winter Selkirk Powder to powerful alpine ski mountaineering at Burnie Glacier. I finished the season in Svalbard again, exploring the fjords of Spitzbergen from the Rembrandt van Rijn and the s/v Noorderlicht.

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2019 Winter Photos » 2019 Bow Yoho Traverse

I think I've guided more Bow Yoho traverses than any other single guide the past few years. This year I again coordinated with the Vancouver Section Alpine Club and figured I'd do just one week with a group of 8. Well interest in the trip surged and we ended up with a group of 14! So I hired two other guides besides myself, plus an assistant, and made bookings for a group of 18 passing through Bow Hut (one night), Guy Hut (two nights) and finishing up at Stanley Mitchell (2 nights). For the complete trip report please visit 2019 Bow Yoho