Payments from Wise

(formerly Transferwise)

Once you fill out our waiver and application forms we will send you an invoice via our payment processor, Flywire.
To pay us via Wise, do the following. This assumes you’re in the UK and paying with GBP, but the same workflow applies no matter where you live (just with your local currency instead of GBP).
  • Initiate a payment for the GBP amount.
  • Using the “Same Currency” tab, fill out the amount that Flywire requests in the “Recipient will get exactly” box
  • Next step is to select “Someone else”:


  • At the “Send to someone else” box, fill in Sawback’s general email address ( and Full Name (Cloudraker Expeditions Ltd. o/a Sawback Alpine Adventures). You can then enter the banking details provided by Flywire.
  • If you want to save time and avoid errors, just uncheck the “I know their banking details” box (Wise then contacts us to fill in the banking details), and click “CONFIRM”:
  • At this point your work is done!
Clients tend to be enthusiastic about their own payment providers of course. The reason I’ve switched to using only Flywire is to avoid the significant administrative overhead of clients paying all types of ways: there are many, each with their own idiosyncrasies which more often than not seem to result in errors and/or excessive fees. Wise is one of the best of the bunch of course but like everyone else (xe, revolut, paypal, venmo, etc) you need to set up an account. Using the workflow I described above allows those with Wise accounts to make payments easily and cheaply.
Finally, there should be no need to do this to make a payment. All you need to do is follow the invoice prompts that request a small amount of personal information (in order to track your payment), and then process a transfer from your payment system of choice (e.g. your bank’s Online Banking)
Good luck — if this information helps then great, but unfortunately we can’t provide any specific support for Wise or any other payment system if you’re having troubles. Best to just use a credit card or a traditional bank transfer if you get stumped. A visit to the bank or a call to your bank manager will provide you with all the help you need.
Updated: 2023 Oct 13