Svalbard Photo Gallery

A collection of photos from our May 2018 Svalbard Ski and Sail trip

Back country ski touring from the comfort of a sailing boat, the s/v Noorderlicht

There’s no better way to travel around the arctic fjords of Svalbard than in a sailing boat. And there’s no better way to explore the countless glaciated peaks than by skis. Back country ski touring at its finest: wake up every morning in a new place, transported while you sleep to an ice-fringed fjord, seracs plunging into the salt ocean. After breakfast it’s on to the Zodiac and a quick trip to the shore where we pull off rubber boots and get into our ski touring gear for a day of exploration.

Here is a set of photos from our May 2018 trip. You can also check out our Ski touring in Svalbard trip report.

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