Antarctica 2021

We are planning an expedition to Antarctica in October/November of 2021, partnering with Ski Antarctica. This will be a small-group, high-end trip using the Icebird sailing vessel around the Antarctic peninsula. Skiing and sea kayaking will be the primary ways we’ll explore the area up close. If you are interested in this trip please contact us at More information will follow as the trip plan and itinerary develops.


Cost: $32000 CAD, $25000 USD per person (subject to change)
Guests: 6 max
Guides: Tom Wolfe (Mountain Guide ACMG/IFMGA) and Phil Wickens (Ski Antarctica Expedition Leader)
Sailing vessel: Icebird with crew
Access: either flying or sailing over the Drake Passage (TBD)
Expedition length: 3 to 4 weeks (TBD); pricing is the same either way

Antarctica on the Icebird Photo Album

Photos courtesy of Phil Wickens (Antarctica Expedition Leader) used by permission.