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    5 star review  Not only is Tom competent he is fun to travel with in the mountains. We saw things we would never have seen if we had gone self-guided in the Burnie Glacier area. Wonderful experience

    thumb Lee Lau

    5 star review  Went to Burnie Chalet near Smithers BC with Sawback Alpine Adventures in April 2019. Had an amazing ski week in a breathtakingly beautiful landscape. The logistics, the accommodations, the food, the people and the skiing were all outstanding. One of my best touring trips ever. I highly recommend Sawback and Tom Wolfe.

    thumb Daniel Bourque

    5 star review  Tom Wolf was our back country ski guide for a week at the Selkirk Lodge 1/2020. He and the other guides over delivered everyday. Tom not only knows where to ski for amazing runs but makes sure it is safe. He handles group dynamics and made sure everyone’s needs where taken care of. He is just a super fun guy to hang with besides - out skiing or around the dinner table he is super fun to talk and joke with - just like an old friend and ski buddy. As soon as Covid restrictions are lifted for us Americans I plan to book a BC ski trip with him again- He’s the real deal and one of the best.

    thumb Jennifer Thorn

    5 star review  Tom was professional, well equipped and well prepared! The snow conditions we experienced at Sunrise Lodge made it imperative to have a guide with experience to keep us safe yet challenged. Hope to ski with Tom and his crew again soon.

    thumb George M. Jackson

    5 star review  I've now spent 9 days in the mountains with Tom of Sawback Alpine Adventures. Tom is methodical in his snowpack analysis and does a great job of breaking down all the steps he takes to be safe. If you are keen on learning how to safely push your limits on snow, Tom does a great job on balancing safety and fun. My trips with him have always seemed to fully embrace the new slogan "send and return" where there is an equal amount of fun turns and exciting climbs as there are snowpack and weather observations.

    thumb Marc Fortin

    5 star review  Tom Wolfe guided our group across the bow to yoho traverse, and I can confidently say he is the best guide for the job. Despite the inclement weather and touchy terrain in our tour I knew Tom was constantly assessing and minimizing risk for our group, and that our safety was at the forefront. He's also a great person and our group enjoyed sharing stories and blasting through plenty of untouched powder on our tour. 🙂 Overall 10/10 for Tom and the crew at Sawback Alpine Adventures, I'd highly recommend him to my friends, family, or anyone looking for a fantastic guide.

    thumb Cheyanne Boehm

    5 star review  Having been on a previous tour and AST2 with Tom Wolfe, he is an excellent guide and teacher who I felt shared a lot of knowledge and experience in a short amount of time. Would recommend Tom to anyone going out in the back country, cheers!

    thumb Kevin

    5 star review  Excellent guiding, planning, hospitality and safe skiing. we are repeat customers now!

    thumb Daniel Friedmann

    5 star review  Tom is a top notch guide! In addition to delivering a great ski touring trip, he is a fun person to hang out with back at the lodge. I feel safe touring with Tom.

    thumb Eric Despain

    5 star review  We had two amazing ski trips with Tom Wolfe of Sawback Alpine Adventures last winter - one on the Bow-Yoho Traverse where we spent a week crossing the ice fields and exploring the nearby glaciers and peaks and a second at Valhalla Mountain Touring where we skied epic powder every day for a week. I would highly recommend Sawback Alpine Adventures and am looking forward to next year's ski trip with Tom!

    thumb Amber McMinn

    5 star review  Was a blast skiing with Tom!! Tom is a serious and very professional guid, I would be more than happy to take another trip with him. Thanks for all the fun turns.

    thumb Devon Fuller

    5 star review  Tom Wolfe and Svalbard, Norwegian Arctic on the Noorderlicht. I’ve done a few great trips with Tom over the years so when he emailed a year ago and asked if I wanted to go to the Arctic and ski from a steel hulled yacht I said yes without thinking... Good call. Svalbard was mind-boggling. I had expectations but it beat them. Getting into the zodiac everyday and skiing was amazing. Sea ice, glaciers, seals, walruses, beluga whales and polar bears. Huge huge glaciers, peaks as far as the eye can see. Just amazing scenery. We always enjoy skiing with Tom, classic Canadian mountain guide, mellow but fully on top of snow safety and daily plans for good skiing and tours. One of the best..... As an aside Phil Wickens who was the expedition leader from the boat was also fantastic and a wealth of knowledge - Arctic history, geology, flora and fauna and a very humble but extremely capable mountaineer and skier. Save your pennies and sign up for 2020 - you won’t regret it.....

    thumb Alan Johnson

    5 star review  Had a fabulous 7 days backcountry skiing with Tom out of Valhalla Lodge.last winter and will be going on another guided trip this coming winter. Tom is an excellent guide, picks great ski destinations, and has all the details covered. Highly recommended

    thumb helen weiss

    5 star review  The Bow-Yoho Traverse April 1 to April 7, 2019. Tom, the guides (Mel and Ken) and an assistant (John) led this trip with care, kindness, humour and expertise. When conditions required it, we were able to form 2 or 3 groups according to abilities and motivation. That was fabulous. Staying the first night in Field with supper and breakfast provided is a great way to begin the trip. The shuttle at the start and at the end was well-planned. When I signed up for the trip I had concerns about the quality of the food. Tom reassured me. He was right. Michelle Heerchop's 'Touch of Love" provided the food. It was varied, tasty and nutritious. I am very very pleased that I was able to be part of this trip. I highly recommend Tom's Sawback Alpine Adventures.

    thumb Claude Mongeon

    5 star review  Tom, the guide, plus the assistant guides were so courteous and attentive to the needs, not only of myself, but of everyone in the group. Tom knows how to provide excellent customer service!

    thumb Marilyn FRIEDMANN

    5 star review  My family and I had the adventure of a lifetime. It was an incredible experience and Sawback did an excellent job. We would highly recommend the trip and Tom to everyone.

    thumb Dean Prodan

    5 star review  An awesome trip with a great, conscientious and professional guide. Definitely felt that Tom listened to the whole crew and took our collective objectives, safety, weather, snow conditions and skill sets to get the maximum we could have out of our Bow-Yoho traverse over new years 2018. Super fun trip and lots of hilarious and educational stories and experiences Tom shared with us. And Eric was great to in lending a hand where needed and carrying a ton of weight too. Would definitely recommend both Tom and Eric for any high adventure trips and for any furthering of backcountry education. Not only do they really know their craft, they present their knowledge in a smooth and easy way for all to understand and learn from. Great guides, great guys. All five stars for sure!

    thumb Mark Weaden

    5 star review  I feel very fortunate to have met Tom several years ago on a trip he was guiding to Burnie Glacier Chalet. I’ve now had the opportunity to ski with Tom extensively, including a week of skiing at Sunrise Lodge in the Esplanade Range this winter, and I will be skiing with him in Svalbard, Norway on his sail & ski trip in a couple of weeks, and I’ve already booked a week long trip to Selkirk Lodge with him in 2020. Having spent countless hours, days, weeks, and months skiing, climbing, and learning from IFMGA guides, I feel confident saying you can’t go wrong with Sawback Alpine Adventures and Tom Wolfe!

    thumb Cooper Caillier

    5 star review  Had an amazing week-long trip to Valhalla Mountain Lodge courtesy of Tom Wolfe @ Sawback Adventures. Multiple days where I truly felt like it was the best day ever!

    thumb David Hiscock

    5 star review  I've done several trips and courses with Tom. He's a fantastic guide. He has a tonne of knowledge, sets a friendly atmosphere on trips, and really works to make trips as good as he can for everyone on them.

    thumb Ryan Fox

    5 star review  Amazing week of powder skiing at Selkirk Lodge. Tom is a fantastic ski guide and treated us to memorable days of excellent skiing and exploring the surrounding terrain.

    thumb Bryan Redmond

    5 star review  Tom Wolfe coordinated a fabulous ski and sail trip to Svalbard. It was an amazing trip that took into consideration the goals and capabilities of each of the guests, while keeping safety top of mind. Tom is not only a professional guide, he's a really nice guy too. I look forward to skiing with him (and the other guides) again in the future.

    thumb Betsy Evans

    5 star review  Tom Wolfe guided a group of us from Selkirk Lodge in Jan 2019. It was a phenomenal trip. Tom is a competent and professional guide. Hope to ski and hike with him in the future.

    thumb Matthew Zmurko

    5 star review  I met Tom Wolfe for the first time when I joined him on a trip to Sorcerer Lodge in April 2018. It was one of the most interesting and enjoyable trips that I have been on. Tom kept us up to date with organizational planning and schedules, and everything was well organized for the departure date. The transfers were smooth and coordinated. Tom and the team were great at including everyone in the discussions and planning, and were always happy to answer questions and provide teaching. The late-season trip was blessed with great snow but the rapidly warming temperatures and fluctuating snow conditions presented quite a few challenges. I felt very confident with Tom's route choices and his attention to safety. The group was made up of skiers and boarders with varying skill levels from intermediate to advanced, and Tom was very good at supporting all of us individually as well as helping us to function as a group. I am very much looking forward to my next trip with Tom.

    thumb Martin LaBrie

    5 star review  Tom Wolfe was our guide in a Jan 2018 trip to Burnie Glacier in northern BC. We had the whole range of conditions of conditions from *cold* deep snow to near melting point conditions. He did a great job along with his assistant guide (name escapes me now - from Quebec) of finding places to ski with the existing/variable conditions, (despite having a terrible cold for part of the time, where he broke trail nearly all day in *deep* snow with no complaints). I'd recommend his guide services any time!

    thumb Craig Steury

    5 star review  I went on two trips with Tom last winter: to Carlyle Lodge in the interior of BC and to Svalbard. The skiing and snow conditions at Carlyle were great and Svalbard was definitely the experience of a lifetime in terms of the terrain, scenery and wildlife. It totally exceeded my expectations. Tom has a knack for picking great destinations and putting together fun, well organized trips.

    thumb Margaret H

    5 star review  I enjoyed a backcountry ski trip to Valhalla Mtn Lodge in late February of 2018. Excellent guiding and trip management by Tom (and Lila). I'll be doing more ski trips with Tom in the upcoming winters.

    thumb Dennis Janzen

    5 star review  My partner and I wanted to explore the Athabasca Sand Dunes Provincial Park in Northern, SK, Canada Tom and the company that he partners with in summers (Churchill River Canoe Outfitters) made this happen, though I would say simply "made this happen" was a major understatement. We provided our own gear, they figured out the food and the rest of the logistics. While he guided us through desert heat and sun, and led the way in bushwhacking during our hikes, he also ensured we were getting the adventure we had hoped for. We felt safe at all times, which was easy to do in the natural confidence (from lots of experience) Tom has. One of the highlights was also seeing him experience things for the first time alongside us - true wilderness guiding! The scenery and sites were often unbelievable (how do we have this in Canada?) and Tom did his research (which is limited in existence) to get us to amazing places in this remote, vastly undiscovered area. I would highly recommend Tom for any outdoor or wilderness adventure, whether on his site or curated yourself, and would not hesitate to do the same again. Thank you again, Tom!

    thumb Mira Pavan

    5 star review  I was out on trips with Tom Wolfe of Sawback Alpine Adventures twice during the ski season winter 2018. Both trips were great. The Bow / Yoho Wapta Traverse was particularly spectacular travelling between Alpine Club of Canada huts. Tom really knows this area well.

    thumb Paul Geddes

    5 star review  Best skiing of my life! Awesome people, fantastic guides, and superb choice of terrain, and let us not forget all that delicious food. I will come back for more!

    thumb Iwona Erskine-Kellie

    5 star review  Having now done both my AST 1 & 2 with Tom, as well as a guided trip of the Bow Yoho traverse, I can confidently say he is an excellent guide. Fantastic at communicating to the group, setting expectations, examining risk and ensuring a comfortable environment for all participants. If you are looking for someone to guide your next adventure, I couldn't recommend Tom enough!

    thumb Nathan Jones

    5 star review  We had a great trip with Tom at Burnie Glacier Chalet. Beautiful chalet, great terrain and delicious food. I would recommend Tom to anyone.

    thumb David Tompkins
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