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Jorg & Phil Planning the next day

Ski Touring Trip Planning Forms

The most important decisions of the day happen before you even put your skis on. Your goals for the day are a distillation of all that’s important: group composition, current conditions, weather forecast, avalanche problems, avalanche forecast, and the unique combination of skills, aspirations and risk tolerances of your group members. Here are a few forms that serve as checklists to frame your own decision making.


Here’s a collection of links to remote weather stations. This is very useful for getting a sense for temps, wind speed & direction, and snow amounts. Some weather stations provide more info than others. Being in hostile remote locations, sometimes these stations go down or malfunction, so take it all with a grain of salt. But — how useful to have current conditions from the moraines of Bow Hut?! This and dozens more available here:


PRICING FOR GUIDING (2023/24) Prices do not include 5% GST or gratuities. Guide base rate – $650 per day, one…