JaPOW - Jan 25-Feb 1, 2020
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Japan has formed a legendary reputation for deep powder skiing in January and February. The saying "Don't Leave Powder to Find Powder" is common in western Canada - why leave Canada when we have the best skiing in the world? Well, Japan is a strong contender, and when you add the incredible cultural experience to the mix it rises to the top of any serious skier's bucket list ...
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Svalbard Ski and Sail 2019
We are offering two ski and sail trips during the prime season for Arctic ski touring
The most exotic guided ski touring trip possible: backcountry ski touring and sailing along the west coast of Spitsbergen in the Greenland sea, 1000 km north of Norway, in the Svalbard archipelago of over 60 (mostly unpopulated) islands. It is a wild and remote place, and at a latitude of greater than 78º, high in the Arctic, it is level with Canada's Ellesmere Island, or the northernmost end of Greenland. Yet it easy to access - with three-times daily flights from Oslo - and offers the supreme comfort of a luxury sailing yacht ...
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Toe of the Des Poilus Glacier
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We are the Wapta Deluxe experts. For years we have offered the very finest Bow Yoho traverses. Our clients have confirmed that this is the closest you'll get to a luxury Euro-style traverse in Canada and certainly on the Wapta. Find out why! Book now! ...
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Valhalla Mountain Lodge at night
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Vallhalla Mountain Lodge was built in 1987 before most other backcountry lodges in the Koots were imagined. Best terrain, epic snow fall and perfect temperatures = heaven! ...
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Wapta Traverse March 28-April 1, 2020
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This is the Classic Wapta traverse. An excellent hut system, perfect terrain for traverses, and easy access to excellent ski mountaineering objectives. By March the snowpack is settled and the travelling is easy, but with great low-density powder skiing still ...
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Sorcerer Lodge, April 25-May 2, 2021
Now booking for 2021Contact us to get on our waiting list.Sorcerer Lodge sits high on a rocky perch at treeline above a small lake, at 6660 feet, (2030 meters) between two heavily glaciated valleys in the Selkirk Mountains. It is a magical, rugged area that will take your breath away. The backcountry skiing, mountaineering and snowboarding are challenging. We don’t recommend it as a ski touring destination for beginners. Our guests have access to several glaciated areas including the massive north facing Nordic Glacier that gathers the snow early and holds it till late spring (and throughout most of the summer too). Across Ventego Creek, Cheap Scotch basin provides south and southeast facing terrain with open bowls and some steep tree lines. Extensive tree skiing near the lodge ensures that you’ll get out even on the worst weather days. Mt Iconoclast at 10,666 feet (3251 meters) dominates this area and is a ski mountaineering prize. There is also a selection of accessible peaks within shorter day tours of the lodge ...
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Bonnington Traverse
The Rockies are known for the great glaciated hut-to-hut traverses: the Wapta Traverse and the Yoho Traverse (or the "Bow-Yoho" Traverse as it's also known). Deep in the Kootenays is a completely different kind of trip, the Bonnington Traverse. This is a 3-day (with heli-drop) or 4-day traverse that links alpine and sub-alpine ridges from Ymir all the way to Porto Rico, just a few minutes drive south of Nelson ...
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Selkirk Lodge
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Selkirk Lodge provides exceptional access to an endless variety of tree skiing and big glacier runs providing excellent backcountry skiing and snowboarding options. Sitting at 2,165 metres (7,100 ft) on a small sub-alpine knoll, Selkirk Lodge enjoys grand views of high summits, nearby ice fields and the deep wild valleys of the Albert Range of B.C.’s Selkirk Mountains ...
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Ski Touring Teslin's at Burnie Glacier Chalet
Sold out for 2020; booking for 2021
One of Canada's very best ski touring lodges, Burnie is surrounded by towering glaciated peaks with epic 1500 m runs, and 700 m tree skiing behind the hut! ...
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