The ski season has begun -- make sure you're stong so you can get the most out of your winter and stay injury-free. Check out Chelseas Deschamps' online training programs at Omnia Movement and Performance! ...
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Western Canada Mountain Rescue Frequencies
Do you have a nice shiny new VHF radio but you're not sure how it's going to get help? Here's three lists of frequencies that will cover many of the areas you're likely to visit in the Rockies and beyond ...
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Resource Road Channel Frequency List
If you are using BC's backroads then you should really be carrying a VHF radio with the Resource Roads (RR) Channels programmed in so that you can call your location. Here's a list. Your dealer will also be able to program these in for you ...
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Front Panel Programming for the Icom F1000T
Here's the cheat sheet you need to Front Panel program your F1000T. You'll need to unlock it first, which does require the software and a cable ...
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Approaching Hero Knob
This past week has been wintery in the west, with overnight lows in the alpine nearing -20°C and little storms bringing in small but constant amounts of snow in the Rockies and Columbia mountain ranges. In the Rockies, treeline snow depths are now above threshold for avalanches (50 cm+) and in the Rogers Pass area you can expect up to double that. Alpine snow depths are over a meter in the Rockies and over 150 cm around Rogers Pass ...
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Is Wax Dead?
Phantom from DPS promises the death of traditional wax. Over 800% of their goals were raised in a Kickstarter campaign so seems like everyone's buying it ...
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ACMG Mountain Conditions Summary for the Rockies and Columbia Mountains. October 26th, 2018
Another beautiful autumn week in the Rockies and Interior BC, but looks like we're returning to a more typical colder weather pattern in the days to come. If snowfall amounts in the high Rockies and further west are substantial we will be back to early winter mode again with avalanche concerns rising back to the top of our list of hazards for mountain travel ...
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The Rectory

I’ve had a few questions from people who are either recovering from leg injuries or who have some kind of compromise, e.g. a healed but partially or fully torn ACL. The “Leg Blaster” exercise is pretty intense and might not be quite the thing to start off with. Even the “Mini Leg Blasters” are hard on the knees if you’re not in good shape to begin with.

So you need something safer. This article is for those of you who are in the late stages of rehab from bad injuries — or have just been drinking a few too many beers this summer, aka too many 8-oz arm curls.

I’m working on another one, adapted from the Winter Sports Company, that’s a step up from this one but a step down from jumping in with the Leg Blasters: 8-Week Intensive Snow Fitness Program… stay tuned, it’ll be done next week.


If you are recovering from an injury and hoping to get back on the slopes this winter after an injury, the best person to consult would be a physiotherapist, kinesiologist, or a fitness trainer. I’m none of these — but I have been recovering from some very serious leg injuries for ...
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Snow on October 1st

There’s about 20 cm of snow on the ground from the storm that landed on the Rockies today. That’s way too early for my tastes. But, like everyone else, it’s got me thinking about skiing, which in turn has me thinking about getting these legs of mine in shape for ski season.

One of the very best exercises I know of to get the legs strong is “Leg Blasters”. Leg Blasters are simple and get you in shape really quickly. There are two versions: The one I recommend starting with begins with the word “Mini”…

Mini Leg Blaster

10x Air Squats
5x In-Place Lunges (5x each leg, 10x total)
5x Jumping Lunges (5x each leg, 10x total)
5x Jump Squats

Leg Blaster

20x Air Squats
10x In-Place Lunges (10x each leg, 20x total)
10x Jumping Lunges (10x each leg, 20x total)
10x Jump Squats

Don’t be deceived: even the Mini will work you hard if you’re not used to it. Check out Pip Hunt demonstrating a single Leg Blaster set:

As coach Rob Shaul in the video says, Leg Blasters are no joke. If you try to jump in and start doing them like Pip Hunt you’re going to ...
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Topo Map Banff
Three techniques for making your own topo maps will be discussed here with a focus on learning to use Quantum GIS (QGIS) ...
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