Dragonfly on the Wapta

Wapta Traverse

Jun 17-21, 2018

I know what you’re thinking — Tom, it’s summer… the Wapta traverse? Well it was a lot more pleasant than my experience 6 months ago leaving Bow Hut in the dark at 8:00 am with -35°C temps and clouds and wind. And the snow was pretty good too — from Sunday to Tuesday it was great spring ski touring conditions.


Sorcerer Lodge

April 21-28, 2019

Just back from a sensational week up at Sorcerer Lodge. Epic spring powder ski mountaineering for the first four days, then three days of backing off in the face of the big meltdown — but still excellent steep skiing with extra early starts and back to the lodge for beers by 1 pm, then noon, then 11 am!

Nirvana Pass Siva Glacier

Nirvana Pass Ski Camp 2018

March 9-15, 2018

This winter I ran a ski camp out of Nirvana Pass. Located just a short distance from Mount Waddington, Nirvana is a hybrid between Coast and Chilcotin terrain. The glaciers are massive and tumbling, but the relief is not as severe as the neighboring peaks. And, while there’s a ton of snow, it’s not as intense and the weather is generally better than further west.

Lila Under the Rhino

Valhalla Mountain Lodge

Feb 24-March 3, 2018

I just spent a week at the unbelievable Valhalla Mountain Lodge, where we had over 140 cm of storm snowfall with very little wind. Needless to say the skiing was perfect, day after day after day. The only day was the snow shoveling to keep the lodge and sugar shack from disappearing!