Burnie Glacier

March 8-15, 2019

This was the second of my three weeks at Burnie in the winter of 2019. Burnie is one of my favourite lodges — and one of my favourite places to be period. So it’s a treat to head there on three separate occasions this winter. To add to this, I was working alongside Christoph Dietzfelbinger the lodge owner. This happens all too seldom as usually when I’m at Burnie Christoph is taking a well earned break.

This week was a mixed group of friends and friends of friends for the most part, which made for a really enjoyable week.  Experienced, capable skiers all of them.

The snow quality and weather were fantastic but for some reason I neglected to take many photos! Check out Lee Lau’s trip report “Burnie Glacier by Pictures” for a much better collection, from the last week in March 2019.