Front Panel Programming for the Icom F1000T

Icom's F1000T handheld VHF radio is a great radio -- small and light, and meets current Mil-Std 810G and IP67 specifications unlike all cheap Chinese radios I know of.
Icom F1000T Radio


Icom’s F1000T handheld VHF radio is a great radio — small and light, and meets current Mil-Std 810G and IP67 specifications unlike all cheap Chinese radios I know of. Chinese radios of course have to be “certified” for use in Canada as VHF transceivers — meaning that they will transmit on certain frequencies within certain tolerances etc.  But this does not mean that they meet robustness standards. The vast majority of Wouxun radios, for example, tout “Mil-Std 105E” that was deprecated in the 1990s and doesn’t even address resistance to dust, vibration or water.  A few apparently meet 810E standards according to their in-house testing, but that’s a deprecated standard as well.

For the price — sub $300 with charger and a decent antenna — you can’t beat this great little radio.

NOTE: To perform front panel programming you’ll need to unlock it first, which does require the software and a cable. Find out how to do that here.

Links to Frequencies / Maps

If you’re looking for frequencies to program into your field radio, here’s a couple of handy resources:

Front Panel Programming Cheat Sheet

Without further ado, here’s the cheat sheet you need to Front Panel program your F1000T once it’s been unlocked. (You can access the Google Docs version here and the PDF version here.)

0) Enable Dealer Mode: You need the CS-F2000 software and an OPC-478 serial cable to enable the Dealer Mode. Here’s how to do that.

1) Entering Dealer Mode: Press and hold the P0 and # keys while turning the radio on. If done correctly, the display will read DEALER. Enter the pass code (default is set to 159357) and the display will change to SETMODE. Press P0 to enter the front panel programming mode.

2) Channel Selection: 1 CH001 should be displayed. Pressing P3 will cause the 001 to start flashing and allow the channel to be changed by using either of the two lower side buttons below the PTT (UP and DOWN). The zone (bank) can be changed by pressing P1 at this time (if applicable). Once the correct channel (and zone) has been selected, press P3 again to stop the flashing.

3) Channel Programming: The UP and DOWN buttons allow for scrolling through the various channel settings as follows:

Function Value Options (changed by P2)
Channel # 1 CH001 Normal or Inhibit (*)
RX Freq 136.10000 Off or frequency
TX Freq 136.10000 Normal or Inhibit
TEXT (blank) N/A

The above values are typical. To program, select the channel and then the function you want to alter. This can be done in any order but for simplicity, start with the receive frequency.

Note: any changes made will overwrite any previous frequency. -— Use with caution.

  • While the receive frequency is displayed, pressing P1 will toggle between Wide or Narrow designation for the channel
  • Change the receive frequency by pressing P3 (if channel is OFF press P2 first) and use the keypad for direct entry or the UP or DOWN buttons to select the frequency. Enter six digits or press P3 again to save the entry.
  • Scroll to the transmit frequency, it must be set even if it is the same as the receive frequency.
  • Scroll to the receive CTCSS or DCS tone function. Press P2 to select the desired tone type (RC or RD). Press P3 followed by the UP or DOWN buttons to select a tone value. Press P3 to save the desired tone.
  • The same is applicable for the transmit CTCSS or DCS tone (TC or TD).
  • Scroll to the TEXT function (blank screen or existing text) and press P3 to make changes by using the UP or DOWN buttons. Pressing * or # will change the cursor position. Direct entry with the keypad is an option but some characters are not accessible this way. If no text is entered the channel number will be displayed in operating mode. Press P3 until you hear the exit tone to save the entry.
  • Return to Step 2 to program another channel.

4) Finishing: Once all changes have been made, turn the unit off to exit programming mode.

All changes will be saved instantly.

Icom F1000T Product Brochure

Click here for the ICOM F1000T product brochure.


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