Icom F1000T Field Programming

I get a surprising number of enquiries from people who have bought their Icom F1000T from some radio shop that then refuses to guide them through the process of enabling front panel programming.

What you need: F1000T radio, OPC-478C cable, CS2000 Software. If you need any of these items contact me at twolfe@sawback.com and I’ll help you for a price.

Once you’ve got the software installed (Windows PC ONLY!!!) and the driver for the cable working correctly here’s what you need to do:

1) Go to HELP > ABOUT.

2) Now type the word “RESERVE”. Nothing will show. Just type it and believe.

3) If you did as instructed in the last step you’ll get a confirmation dialog.

4) Click OK and now you’ll see a new left menu item, “Maker Reserved”, in RED.

5) Click “Maker Reserved”, scroll down to “Set Mode Access” and change that to “Enable”:

Now, after programming your radio with the software with the above setting enabled, you can Front Panel Program. Enjoy! If you have any questions, and if you purchased one of the above items from me, feel free to contact me by email. If you bought your radio / cable / etc elsewhere then you’ll have to talk to them. I’m a busy mountain guide, not Icom’s help desk 🙂

Here’s a set of images that guide you through the process.

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