Front Panel Programming for the Icom F1000T


Icom’s F1000T handheld VHF radio is a great radio — small and light, and meets current Mil-Std 810G and IP67 specifications unlike all cheap Chinese radios I know of. Chinese radios of course have to be “certified” for use in Canada as VHF transceivers — meaning that they will transmit on certain frequencies within certain tolerances etc.  But this does not mean that they meet robustness standards. The vast majority of Wouxun radios, for example, tout “Mil-Std 105E” that was deprecated in the 1990s and doesn’t even address resistance to dust, vibration or water.  A few apparently meet 810E standards according to their in-house testing, but that’s a deprecated standard as well.

For the price — sub $300 with charger and a decent antenna — you can’t beat this great little radio. Contact Stan from Com-West Radio Systems in Penticton and he’ll sell you one and ship it for a great price. An extra $60 will get you a nice tuned antenna and, really, a handheld radio that can’t be beat.

NOTE: To perform front panel programming you’ll need to unlock it first, which does require the software and a cable. You’ll have to figure out how to get that done yourself.

Links to Frequencies / Maps

If you’re looking for frequencies to program into your field radio, here’s a couple of handy resources:

Front Panel Programming Cheat Sheet

Without futher ado, here’s the cheat sheet you need to Front Panel program your F1000T. You can access the Google Docs version here.

Icom F1000T Front Panel Programming

Icom F1000T Product Brochure

Icom F1000T Product Brochure